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Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning & Rug Repair Services is committed to achieving
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Our Capability

We Are The Best & Clean Company.

This is Ali, Owner of Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning Master & Repair. I have been in this profession for more than 30 years. I work by myself on all sizes of rugs even huge 13 * 23 square feet. I clean the rug by hand and brush which is better than cleaning with machines.

How does the Process start?

  • First I vacuum it from the front and back many times till I take all the dirt out which is much better than using machines that use a lot of force that could loosen the firmness of the rug.
  • We use a water hose, brush, and the best shampoo safe and effective cleaner in the market. Hand washing in cleaning oriental rugs is safer for the colors so it lessens the probability of the color bleeding. We do not wash using machines because the probability of this color bleeding is so high especially if the rug is sensitive and has many different colors. So, hand washing is better and safer for the colors and the thread than using washing machines.
  • We do not dry rugs using machines to save time and finish fast. We lat them on the cement professionally to dry under the sun, it takes a longer time to dry but it is safer for threads and keeps the rug smells fresher and free of wrinkles. We do not put the rugs in heated rooms to dry because they become smelly and musty.

How We Work

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Whenever you need a rug cleaner for your property, Oriental Rugs Hand Cleaning  & Repair Repair Services is the contractor that will respond immediately and do the job the right way.

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