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I do not use a power washing machine to prevent colour bleeding, Stains & Rusts. Hand washing your car is better than machine washing. Hand washing your rugs is better than using a machine. With our 30 years experience, the owner himself washes your rugs. Experience is more important than reviews. Reviews can be fake or made up. Colour bleeding specialist expert. Dye testing of the rugs is not enough, the owner is an expert in removing color bleeding. Stains and shades removal, Pets stains and odor removal guaranteed – Moth proofing and treatment, Water damage treatment. My process in drying your rugs is a slower process, which is better than using machines. I take my time exposing your Rugs to air and sin professionally for better results.

To prevent color bleeding, stain and rust, I do not machine-dry the rugs.

I do not use machines in the process of cleaning and drying at all.

I do not Wall-To-Wall carpets, I clean rugs and carpets that you can pickup and bring to the shop.

Color bleeding specialist, I personally work on your rugs, 30+ years experience.


Customer Love Our Special Services

Dora L.

My husband bought an amazing oriental rug for our anniversary, but it has proven very difficult to clean regularly. It seems to retain every single spot and hair in the house! A friend recommended this rug cleaning company, and I trusted her advice. They proved to be very efficient, and I use them on a regular basis now. Highly recommended!

Snoop Cat

Let me share my experience with the people looking for a cleaning services in Winter Park, FL. Firstly i was afraid that how they would manage my deep cleaning as my house condition was very bad lolx. They came and took a week to clean my house my experiences with them was amazing i must say they are professional and the best in the market.